The idea behind this utility app is based around our persona Sarah. She is busy all day in meetings and may not have access to her computer. She still wants to keep up with the overall health of the companies systems so this app would do that.


Even though there are no immediate plans to build mobile versions of our products we thought it would be a good idea to start considering what they could look like as a utility type app.

The challenge of designing a dashboard for mobile users is providing relevant content that is easily processed on a mobile device. Traditional, on-premise desktop solutions are a great way to give users content-rich dashboards by visualising a wide variety of KPIs and other important metrics. The mobile app shouldn't compete with our desktop dashboards; mobile should compliment desktop solutions by providing anywhere/anytime access to KPIs. In other words, a mobile dashboard doesn't need to cover all your bases.


The lead visual designer and I worked on creating low-fidelty wireframe sketches which allowed us to spend less time pushing pixels and more time thinking of the user experience and how the user will get from A to B

Early Concepts

Here's some early unused concepts I created when I was initially assigned this task.