Hello there! My name's Tajdid Rahman, but you can call me Taj. I recently finished my second year of Interaction Design at the Belfast School of Art and am now fighting cyber crime at Rapid7 as an Intern UX Designer.

As a UX and Visual designer with a variety of web and mobile development skills I can bring creative ideas to life. I love the challenge of finding innovative and unique solutions to user experience problems.

I’m also a competant standards based front-end developer. Coding allows me to solve problems, understand what’s possible when designing user interfaces, and no longer be at the mercy of my dev friends for every tweak.


Find user-facing problems and push for better solutions.


Decide on a strategy that represents what success looks like.


User flows, sketches, wireframes, visual design, prototypes.


Work alongside engineers to develop the suggested solutions.


Validate assumptions made during the ideation and design phases.


Act swiftly on feedback regarding issues with the product.